Goose Island Bottle Mixer Pack

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Try 6 of our current beers with this mixer 6-pack of 500ml Bottles that features something for every taste!

  • 1 x Mandelbaum West Coast IPA ( 6.2% ABV)
  • 1 x Tickle Fight Saison w/ Starfruit, Honey, and Riesling (6.0% ABV)
  • 1 x 312 Local Hop Urban Wheat Ale (4.2% ABV)
  • 1 x Soul Baby Weissbier (4.0% ABV)
  • 2x Nutmutter Black Lager (4.7% ABV)


Our suggested order:

Start with Soul Baby for something gentle and soulful, then move onto 312 Local Hop. Take note of how different the two wheat beer styles are then tickle your taste buds with the complex Tickle Fight. With Mandelbaum comes the climax, bringing intense, piney notes of a classic West Coast, while Nutmutter closes things off with subtle roast, chocolate and dried fruits.